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Bent SMT pins

Protect those pins!

It's nice to be flexible, right? We know that most of you like to order parts in cut strips to save money, or you have a short strip left over from a prior job. That's cool. We're all about saving money and not wasting parts. In fact, we like that a lot.

Bent_pins_800Sometimes, though the old parts drawer doesn't do us (or you) any favors. We recently ran across a small strip of QFPs in a kit. Normally, a set of three in the original strip wouldn't be a problem. In this case, though, they had likely gotten just a bit too friendly with some of the other parts. Or maybe they had gotten into a fight or something.

All three parts had a substantial number of bent pins. In cases like this, we'll look at the chips and see if we can straighten them, but we can't always do that. Sometimes we have to call and ask you to send more parts and delay the job, which is a bummer all around.

When kitting up a job, give components like this a quick look over. When you're storing extras for future use, make sure to keep the sensitive bendy parts like this away from big and heavy things.

Duane Benson
Always one more thing to check, huh?


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