Screaming Circuits: July 2007


Spotlight: The Centroid File

We recieve a lot of questions about the Centroid file that we require. The file just tells our machine where each part goes on the board and what direction to point the part when putting it on the board. It's... Read more

CAD Library or Substitution Issues

We recently ran across an issue out on the shop floor that was most likely due to the components library in the CAD package. A QFN part was sent for this assembly but the land pattern on the board was... Read more

Sponsored Spotlight - OpNeAR

Our sponsorship program recently added the OpNeAR group from The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas (that's a mouthful of a name). If you want it to be even longer, go... Read more

BATTLE OF THE BLOGGERS - Screaming Circuits Style

Join our first Guest-Blogger challenge! That's right, try for fabulous (fabulous by my definition, anyway) prizes and maybe get your story published on the Screaming Circuits blog. We try to be helpful and informative here in our blog, but it's... Read more

Speaking of "Not Happy" PCBs...

Speaking of boards with issues, this one (click the image to enlarge) used in my prior post has a few more problems than just holes that are too small. Other than the holes, it is serviceable, but it really isn't... Read more

Drill Sizes in your CAD package

We recently ran across a sticky situation related to the drill size for a thru-hole part. Most of what we do is machine SMT work, but most boards have one or two thru-hole parts on them as well. Occasionally, we... Read more


Obviously, SMT = "surface mount technology", TH = "through hole" and COB = "chip on board." But, what about COG? It could be "cost of goods" but I think I like "candy on graham" best. Run over to this article... Read more

Trade show Planning

In September (yes, that seems like a long time from now, but the summer will be over before you know it), we're doing to two tradeshows. First, on the 12th, we going to a local show, called OctoberBest. For those... Read more

A bit more on Thermal Mass

My post from a few days ago discussed a problem that can potentially make some RoHS parts not work in a RoHS application. I forgot to mention, that since this is a prototype, we solved the problem by hand soldering... Read more

We're Closed on the 4th

Just a reminder - We're closed today for the Independence day holiday. Today is not counted as a "business day" when we calculate your ship date. Happy 220th birthday, US Constitution! (The Constitution birthday is not exactly today, but on... Read more

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