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BATTLE OF THE BLOGGERS - Screaming Circuits Style

Join our first Guest-Blogger challenge! That's right, try for fabulous (fabulous by my definition, anyway) prizes and maybe get your story published on the Screaming Circuits blog.

PCB-Layout engineer 100 We try to be helpful and informative here in our blog, but it's always been missing something: you!

First place will receive a $100.00 Amazon.com gift certificate and become Screaming Circuits very first Guest-Blogger! The runner-up will receive a $25.00 Amazon.com gift certificate. Honorable mentions may or may not by published on our blog. See details below.

We want this to be fun and informative for everyone, so please submit a story with any one of the following themes:

  • Cool and unique applications: We're looking for the biggest, smallest, fastest, newest, farthest...
  • Design disasters / visits from Murphy: Yes, it happens to all of us.
  • Tech notes: Easy to read and covering common problems with difficult solutions.

The challenge begins now and will end when we find the person and story we've been looking for! We are flexible in choosing who the lucky Guest-Blogger will be, because we may (or may not) be willing to award more than one first place winner! Judging will be based solely on our opinions and our choices are final. If you disagree, we'd certainty like to hear from you, but we are the final word.


Submit an entry by:
Email your entry to marketing@screamingcircuits.com, subject "Blog Challenge".

Terms: Entries should be about 350 to 1,000 words. You can add in an illustration or photo as long as you have the rights to them. Entries must be your own material. The contest ends when we choose a winner. If we find more than one winner, we may award as many or as few first and second place prizes as we feel necessary. However, if we don't find a winner, we may end the challenge without awarding any prizes. Sorry but employees of MEC and Screaming Circuits are not eligible this time. We'll have our own contest soon though.


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