Screaming Circuits: June 2007


July 4th Holiday Closure

We will be closed on Independance day, July 4th. This means that that day won't be counted toward your turn times. For example, if you have asked for a 48 hour turn time and we receive you kit on the... Read more


I don't really know if this is a post-worthy post, but I'm having a bit of trouble waking up so I thought I'd pass on a bit of philosophy. I get kind of annoyed by motivational posters, but I have... Read more

Library Parts II

A couple of posts back, I wrote about a shareware tool available on the IPC website that can help you make custom parts for your CAD package. One of our readers commented back with a little more detail and pointed... Read more

Via in Pad whitepaper PDF

We've collected up a bunch of our Via in Pad hints and published them as a white paper PDF for download on our website. It's in our Services section, in the FAQ on the right side-bar. We keep all of... Read more

Comments From Customers

A good Saturday morning can be used for sleeping in or it can be used for reflecting on the past week. Maybe both. I'll sort of take both. I did sleep in a bit and I'm going to spend some... Read more

It Lives!

I think the very first logic gate I got my hands on was the 7408 quad AND gate. Not a 74AC or HCT or anything like that. Just plain old SN7408N - probably made by Texas Instruments. The first actual... Read more

The Rest of the Story

Screaming Circuits assembles prototypes and some small volume production pc boards. We put electronic components on printed circuits boards and [Danger Will Robinson: ego alert] we think we are one of the best in the Industry. If you combine our... Read more

Custom Library Parts

I ran across a resource for those of you that need to make custom parts libraries for your PCB CAD software. In general, the part datasheet is the first place to go for land pattern, dimensions and all of the... Read more

Plugged or Capped Via in Pad

One more thing on the plugged or capped via in pad - If you do this, ask your board fab house about the flatness of the resulting pad. Some manufacturers will plug and plate over or cap a via in... Read more

PCB Panelization at Screaming Circuits

Most design and manufacturing type folks wouldn’t dream of sending a 2” x 3” pcb out for high-volume manufacturing as a single board. It would generally be replicated up to a panel (also called an array by some) size that... Read more

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