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Web Site Update Notice

We will be making some updates to our website quote and order pages on Monday, the 7th, at the end of the day. [It went live Tuesday, the 8th]

We are expecting no more than 30 - 60 seconds site down time. Unless you are right in the middle of an order, you probably won't notice.

For the most part, we are just cleaning things up a bit, making the layout easier to read and putting more of the important tidbits of data in front of you.

  1. We've changed the tab-order for the quote page and improved the formating so that a quote will print better.
  2. We will now display your order number as soon as you select "Place your order." You can use this order number when calling us with questions. Previously, you didn't get to see your order number until you had completed the entire order process.
  3. We have changed the parts information questions. Now we ask if you want us to stop work and call you if anything is out of the ordinary with your build or go ahead and build as much as we can with what we have.
  4. We ask you if this is a prototype or a production order. The process doesn't really change, but it helps us to understand your needs a bit better.
  5. We ask for an emergency, after hours contact name and phone number so we can get those questions asked and answered even after hours and reduce delays.
  6. On your "My Accounts" page, we now list past orders and saved quotes with the most recent at the top of the list.

Unless something comes up, we will put these in place Monday at about 5:00pm Pacific time. Our site may be off line for a short period of time when the changes are turned live.

Duane Benson


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