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If There are Questions

On May 8th,1884, Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States was born. Also on May 8th, 2007, we made a few changes to our order process as described here. On the "Place you Order" page - the next one after the quote - we changed a couple of key questions.

Under the header "PARTS INFORMATION" we ask you: "If we find minor problems with your kit, such as BOM mismatches, missing parts or mis-matched pads, should we..."

This is a VERY IMPORTANT question.

Sometimes we will find small parts substitutions because the specific design, it doesn't matter. Yet, it might just matter. Read this post here. We can't tell without knowing all the details. This question is your opportunity to tell us if it matters.Parts_info_question_2

Sometimes a kit will be short a few parts but the customer still wants to get the boards built up as soon as possible regardless. We can't tell without knowing all the details. This question is your opportunity to tell us if it matters.

Icnturnkeyorn If you want us to double check you as much as we can, select the "Call to discuss..." option. If we see anything out of the ordinary, such as: BOM mismatches, parts shortages, missing parts, parts that need to be baked, pads that don't fit quire right or other similar anomalies, we will stop the build and call you. This may delay your job and will not be covered by the delivery guarantee.

Icnturnkeyworn If you just want to get the boards back ASAP and don't care if you are short or missing a few parts or have a mismatch or two, select the "Build as much as we can..." option. This does mean that if you think C2 is a 10uf, 16volt cap and you mark a bag of 100uf caps as C2, we will put those 100uf caps on the board, or if you need 100 and send us 85 we'll stuff the 85 and send the boards back to you as complete, or if you forget to send any of IC U3, we will build without it.

We want to build your boards fast and accurate, but even more than that, we want to build them the way that you need them. This question is your opportunity to tell us.

Duane Benson
Enquiring minds want to know. Or, so I've heard.


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