Screaming Circuits: April 2007


BGA via near pad

Using proper technique is important when putting vias in pads. It's also important when putting vias near pads. With BGAs, you pretty much always have to put vias either in or near the land pads. Obviously, we prefer near rather... Read more

Soldermask Via Caps

Today, I'll start with the basics: Soldermask via caps. This isn't the best, but it is the easiest. Almost any board house can pull this one off with a reasonable chance of success. In this example, what we're looking at... Read more

Via in Pad Category

Via in pad seems to be one of the hot topics these days. It's a real tough one too. The manufacturing guys pretty much always just say: "don't ever do it." However, with certain parts, the component manufacturer strongly recommends... Read more

Vias in BGA pads

In past posts, we've talked quite a bit about vias in the heat-slug or flag pad of a QFN, listing techniques and hints. We haven't said as much about vias in BGA pads though. The BGA pad via is an... Read more


Sometimes I think of Screaming Circuits as a serious caffeine boost. It goes like this: I've found that my best results in a meeting or a presentation occur when I spend plenty of time preparing, eat well and get a... Read more

Worthy site

I seem to be traveling about once a month these days. In no way is that enough to classify me as a "Road Warrior." I can't seem to stick to one airline so I haven't realized any frequent flier benefits... Read more


Warning! This may be a pretty much blatantly commercial post. Well, there is something free you can get without obligation, and I suppose that ultimately, no matter what we put up here, there is somewhat of a commercial purpose. I... Read more

Show's Over

I survived another tradeshow. It's seven o'clock and I've been told that my already late flight from San Jose back home is delayed. The last thing I want to do after a week of standing and talking is spend an... Read more

ESC - Last Day, and a Good Blog

It's day three and so far I've seen nothing. It's not that there isn't anything interesting here. I've just been too busy to get out and really look around. Maybe today. I did run into - well, he ran into... Read more

ESC, Day 1

The show's about to start. I can feel the anticipation in the air as the remaining exhibitors either casually stroll to their completed booths or rush at break-neck speed to cover last minute details. I'm finishing off my latte, relaxing... Read more

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