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Other things do happen

Looking back, February has been a slow month for posts. It's been a busy month for everything else and I'm sure the two are related. I put out three posts and all of them were related to via in pad. That is a common challenge, but we do still see other difficulties too.

One of the most common little issues we run across is undocumented parts substitiutions. We'll receive a a parts kit and a Bill of Materials (BOM) and find mismatches. In most cases, there are a few common causes:

  • A standard part is called for on the BOM, but a lead-free part is sent.
  • Capacitors are sent with different voltage ratings than specified in the BOM or schematic
  • Resistors are sent with a different value than on the BOM or schematic

In most cases, none of those will cause assembly problems. However, any of the three issues may cause delays because we need to verify that the substitution is okay. The best way to avoid needless delays is to make sure that your BOM is current to the kit you send.

Duane Benson


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