Screaming Circuits: January 2007


Future Customers / Co-workers

On Saturday, the 13th, I attended the Oregon state-level First Lego Robotics League (FIRST) tournament. A month ago, I watched the regional tournament for the Canby area and a year ago, I actually participated by giving the theme presentation and... Read more

Jennifer Twist, Engineer

Jennifer has been tasked with building an embedded video communications system. She’s been using Arm7 LPC2138 processors in prior designs but needs quite a bit more horsepower for this project so she stepped up to the Arm11 i.MX31 from Freescale.... Read more

Need to inform others?

Do you want other people in your company to receive updates about the status of your orders? When you place an order and at a few points in the process, we will send out confirmation / status emails to you.... Read more

Loose Parts

Everybody has a few loose components lying around. Sometimes it's a few chip caps left over from a hand-rework task. Sometimes it's a tiny QFN or big old BGA. From time to time, we do get asked if we can... Read more

Soldering LGA parts

LGA (Land Grid Array) packaged parts are most commonly found on socketed processors in personal computers. It's not that different a package than a BGA (Ball Grid Array) except of course there are no solder balls on the part. We've... Read more

Our year 2006 in review

Looking globally at 2006, I'm not sure if it would be accurate to say that it was a good year or a bad year. Certainly, it was a year. For Screaming Circuits, though, it was a really good year. Based... Read more

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