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Loose Parts

Everybody has a few loose components lying around. Sometimes it's a few chip caps left over from a hand-rework task. Sometimes it's a tiny QFN or big old BGA.

From time to time, we do get asked if we can take in and assemble loose parts. Well, the answer is an indefinite "maybe." On our services page, we do have loose parts (or bulk SMT) listed as a special process. Special means that you have to call us and discuss the specifics before we will commit to doing it.

And here is why. If you have a couple of SMB TVS diodes or a few 1206 resistors, we can probably go ahead and put them in an empty cut strip - if we happen to have one. More than a few, though, and it will start taking so much time that it is less expensive to just buy some more parts.

The real trouble comes with BGAs and fine pitch ICs. The leads on the fine pitch parts tend to bend when jumbled up. We can't use ICs with bent leads. BGAs can have solder balls knocked off. That might just ruin your whole day.

If you have loose parts, you are probably best off just buying new ones. If you don't have a choice, go ahead and give us a call. We'll do our best to help you out. We may say no or we may charge extra, but you never know.

Duane Benson
Loose chips sink in dips


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