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Kind words

Screaming Circuits has a sponsorship program for college, University or non-profit organizations that are pushing the limits of robotics, embedded control, communications or other leading edge technologies. One of the groups we've helped out a bit is the Cornell Formula SAE racing team.

Recently, we recived a note from one of their team leaders. It is a little self-serviing to post this, but it is reflective of the type of experience we would like all of our customers to have. We will be happy when everyone feels this way about their experience with Screaming Circuits.

"Hi Christine,

I hope that you have having a happy new year.  I just wanted to say a few things.  I have previously had no experience with PCB assembly as this is my first year as the Electronics Team Leader for Cornell Racing.  However, the customer service with Screaming Circuits has been excellent with guiding me to properly assemble my product.  The level of personal detail that went toward my assembly was especially impressive.  I am grateful that I was contacted immediately to resolve any potential issues so that my product would be completed exactly as I desired.  Furthermore, the 24/7 customer service was especially appreciated by a college student who needed help while working at awkward hours.  I am thankful that Screaming Circuits has given me a very straightforward and trouble-free experience with my PCB assembly.

You can quote me on that.  I hope you have a happy new years. Thank you so much for your support.


[Note that we don't actually have 24/7 support, but we do our best to be there when you need us]

Duane Benson


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