Screaming Circuits: January 2007


Most parts in place

Mark Rules has made a bit of progress on his tiny motor controller. Someone suggested that he look at a rigid-flex board so that the driver could be wrapped around one of the motors. The idea would be to have... Read more

Filling via in pad - Before

[Editor's note: This post is the first of a three-part post about a rather difficult and undersireable via in pad PCB. This board violates industry-wide recommended practices. The right thing to do in a case like this is to redesign... Read more

Embedded passives

We haven't seen embedded passive components yet, but they are coming. While active componentry continues to become more and more integrated, passives never seem to go away. Yes, they are cheap and they are pretty small, but each one still... Read more

Kind words

Screaming Circuits has a sponsorship program for college, University or non-profit organizations that are pushing the limits of robotics, embedded control, communications or other leading edge technologies. One of the groups we've helped out a bit is the Cornell Formula... Read more

Rs232 Redux

A few years ago, the death of RS232 was all over the trade press. USB did, of course, do a lot of damage to the communications standard where PC's are concerned, but other than that, RS232 is far from dead.... Read more

Back to normal

It's still a little slushy around here but everything should be back to normal in terms of delivery schedules today. We do apologize to those of you that had shipments delayed due to weather. Fortunately such disruptions tend to not... Read more

Still frozen

As of the morning of the 17th, it's still pretty frozen here. The weather folks tell us it should be all cleared up by this afternoon, but maybe not. They also say we may have freezing rain tonight. We had... Read more

More snow - Maybe Delays

We are expecting to have some weather related delays today. As you can see from the photo, the snow has gotten a little deeper - deep enough for a few of us to go out and build a snowman. We... Read more

It's snowing in Canby!

I know. I know. To most of the country, this amount of snow wouldn't even be noticed. But, this is Oregon. We flinch after three flakes. We like it wet and drippy. This cold and slippery stuff frightens us. Give... Read more

Get'n Big

We expend a lot of effort learning how to be both flexible and the best at what we do. That means we've gotten pretty good at pushing the limits. We did a board once that was just 3/8" by 9/32".... Read more

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