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We've tried to make a complex process as easy as possible. For the most part, I think we've done okay, but there is certainly always room for improvement. One of the questions we are asked most frequently is: "What do you mean by 'SMT' and 'Total # of mfg. part #s'?"

SMT: When we ask "SMT:?", we want to know the total number of surface mount parts that we will be putting on the board. If there are ten smt parts on the board and they are all exactly the same 0805 1K resistor, they still count as ten parts here. This number doesn't include any BGAs or thru-hole parts listed in the other form boxes.

Total # of mfg. part #s: 'This is the number of different part numbers used on your PCB assembly. In other words, if you send us a box with all of the parts, how many different bags will there be?

For example, a 10k resistor and a 5k resistor would be considered 2 Manufacturer part #s. The ten 1K 0805 resistors used at 10 different locations, would be considered as one Manufacturer part #. Include every line on you bill of materials that will be assembled. Again, only count multiples of the same part as one.

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