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PCB123 Cad Software

Linktopcb123Our customers use a lot of different pcb cad software systems to put their boards together. Some are pretty expensive and some are just the opposite. One which we like a lot is PCB123 (go to, www.pcb123.com). PCB123 is a product of our pcb fab partner, Sunstone Circuits and they give it away free.

It's a really nice system in that it doesn't cost for the software and the fab quote and ordering is integrated into the software. You design your board and the software tells you what it will cost to buy it and will take care of the order process. One of these days, maybe the Screaming Circuits assembly quote will be built in too. Now that would be cool.

Still, though, it only takes a minute to get a quote and place an order from us. Do that first and when you do order your boards from PCB123, send them an email with your Screaming Circuits order number and tell them to deliver the boards directly to us for that order.

Duane Benson
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