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Digi-Key Cut strips

One of the values that Screaming Circuits offers is the ability to accurately machine assemble components from cut strips of parts rather than just from reels. At first glance, that may not seem significant, but by looking a little further, it becomes clear that doing so can lead to significant cost Parts_reels_big_soic8_350savings for materials and materials handling.

When ordering parts for production, obviously, manufacturers will purchase components in full reels. For prototypes, though, that is a bit of overkill. Certainly, every engineer knows Digikey and Mouser for small quantities of parts. It’s also frequently not that difficult to get a component manufacturer sales rep to cut a strip of half a dozen or so parts off a reel and send them over as samples.

Let’s say we need to assemble ten microcontroller boards. We’ll look at two of the parts and assume we want to supply 12 parts.

PIC18F1220, QFN28 from Digikey.
$5.05 @ qty 1 for a total price of $60.60
$4.13 @ qty 1,600 piece reel, for a total price of $6,608

Max232DR, SOIC16
$0.90 @ qty 1 for a total cost of $10.80
$0.39 @ qty 2,500 piece reel, for a total price of $975

Ic_cut_strip_1  $71.40 for cut tape parts vs. $7593 for reel pricing. Now certainly, you would be able to use those reels for the next design, if it uses the same parts, but imagine the first time you order, having to get a PO for thousands of dollars worth of parts that you may or may not use. Instead, with our patented process you can use your credit card for a couple of hundred dollars worth of parts.

If you have a few standard parts that you always use, then go ahead and buy a reel for those and supply the changing parts in cut tape. We can assemble from both at the same time.



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