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Still waiting

The booth (at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, booth 1133) looks a little forlorn without all our stuff. Fortunately, our booth only takes a few minutes to Empty_booth_esc_boston_06set up because none of the boxes are here yet. No problem. We have plenty of time.

So far, at least the service has been good. I've got a few horror stories from trade shows a few years  back, but the Embedded Systems Conference, both here and ealier in the year out in San Jose, CA, seem to be pretty good with the service. Here in Boston, we even have free - that's right free - wireless Interent.

In San Jose, wired Interent service cost something like $895.00 for a three day show. You expect that, though. You always expect that sort of absurd pricing at trade shows. What you don't expect is free Internet.

If you're in Boston on the 26th or 27th, stop by and see us. Mention the blog or run through the website with us and we'll give you a Latte - actually, a $4.00 Starbucks card, but close enough.

Just waiting for the boxes

Duane Benson
More to come


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