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Packing Signal Integrity

Today is packing day. I don't actually leave for the Embedded Systems Conference, in Boston, until very late tomorrow, but I need to pack today. I'm taking a red-eye Sunday night and will be going straight to do booth setup when I get off the airplane. What was I thinking when I set that up?!

Not that the above is of particular interest to anyone, but I did run across something that may be. This site, Signal Consulting, has a list of technical articles relating to a variety of signal-related issues. The site owner also sells consulting services and promotes his seminars. I don't have any experience with either, so I'm not endorsing him or his services in any way, but take a look at the Q&A listings on the page I've linked.

Interestingly, though he does not have any experience with Screaming Circuits and is not endorsing us in any way, much of the content here speaks to the value of rapid electronic prototyping - what we do. Many signal quality related issues are directly impacted by layout. If your analysis determines that you need a new layout and you're in a hurry (what designer isn't these days), you can get boards in 24 or 48 hours from our friends at Sunstone Circuits. Have those boards and your parts delivered to us at Screaming Circuits and we can assembly a new set of proto boards for you in as little as 24 hours.

If you've got really small or really big parts or just a lot of them, soldering the things up by hand really isn't practical. You need a service like ours. (Was that too blatant a sales pitch?)

Duane Benson
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