Screaming Circuits: September 2006


ESC show recap

I had hoped to have a nice overall show recap. I had also hoped to do a little more writing from the show floor about new and exciting things on display. Well, our booth was too busy so I didn't... Read more

Enablers and a fan

Being the busy booth staffer that I am, I didn't get much time to walk the floor yesterday. Just a few quick trips. I did get a lot of time to speak with potential customers as well as a few... Read more

JAVA racing

I haven't had a lot of time to walk the show floor, but I did run across a booth display interesting both for the product and for their innovative marketing method. Sun is showing off their real time Java, which... Read more

What will we see?

It's an hour and a half before the show starts. What do you think will be the big news at ESC this year? I would expect the excitement to be heavily weighted toward robotics and automotive, but I haven't seen... Read more

Still waiting

The booth (at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, booth 1133) looks a little forlorn without all our stuff. Fortunately, our booth only takes a few minutes to set up because none of the boxes are here yet. No problem.... Read more

Packing Signal Integrity

Today is packing day. I don't actually leave for the Embedded Systems Conference, in Boston, until very late tomorrow, but I need to pack today. I'm taking a red-eye Sunday night and will be going straight to do booth setup... Read more

REP (not "RIP")

REP - Rapid Electronic Prototyping. What is it and why should you care? Well, we care, certainly, because that's pretty much what we do. Or, at least that may be one way to describe what we do. Wikipedia has an... Read more

Things hidden in our website

We've created a number of press releases and white papers and added a few download files to our website. We don't really have a good spot for these on the site, so we've repurposed some not-too-obvious locations. For any downloads... Read more

Via in pad?

In general, we would recommend against placing vias in any pads that will receive solder during the assembly process. A couple of undesirable events can happen depending on the method used during board fab. If your vias are left open,... Read more

How's your RoHS?

That deadline came and went fast - here it is two plus months later already. We have a lot of RoHS information on our web site, but sometimes it gets lost in all the mass of content we have. Here... Read more

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