Screaming Circuits: PCB Finishes


DB25 With Issues

Take a look at this footprint. We're looking at the solder-side of a DB-25 connector footprint. Given all of the smt and HDI (High Density Interconnect) we see these days, this looks pretty primitive; like it could be straight out... Read more

Oxidized PCB Finish

I've written a few times about potential and actual problems with different PCB finishes. Sometimes, the results are tragic and sometimes, just annoying. I'm not sure where this one falls on the continuum between the two extremes, or maybe even... Read more

Hmmm. Black Pad Does Happen On Other Parts Too.

Well, lookie here. Just the other day, I wrote about black pad happening on gull-wing parts . I also wrote a while back about the footprint on gull-wing parts - the fillet under the part is even more important to... Read more

Black Pad, One More Time

The thing that wouldn't leave... Sometimes black pad seems like that. It should be pretty well understood by now, but it still pops up (or should I say "pops off") now and then. I just got a call from an... Read more

Gold Fever

We call it Gold Fever. It's when you've got a hankerin to have a nice flat surface to put that BGA on and the lust for that precious metallic surface turns into an obsession. It's all you can think of.... Read more

And Another Reason...

Another reason to inspect your PCBs before sending them on to the assembly house. At first glance, these boards looked fine. But with a little closer inspection, you can see that the middle barrel isn't plated through. Bummer. There are... Read more

Oxidized Silver? What do you do???

I've written before about the shelf life of immersion silver PCBs. In that post, I alluded to the possibility of carefully cleaning an oxidized immersion silver pcb but I didn't say how to do it. Sometimes an oxidized board can... Read more

Immersion Silver and Other Lead Free PCB Surfaces

I just had a comment on an old post requesting a little more information on silver surfaced lead free boards. "Hi, im currently doing a project regarding Immersion Silver PCB. Pls share me more info for this kind of finishing... Read more

Halogen Free PCB

Halogen free PCBs still aren't that common and all of the bugs aren't worked out of the systems yet, but they are starting to show up here and there. I suspect that like RoHS a few years back, we will... Read more

RoHS Options Close By

Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. I hope that phrase isn't copyrighted by the Peter Paul Mounds candy company. Hmm. I'll just claim "fair use." I'm pretty sure that when I started writing this, it fit... Read more