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Texas Instruments plus National Semiconductor

Everyone else seems to be weighing in on the Ti + NS acquisition so I thought I'd better do the same. Depending on whom you speak with, the ramifications could be quite large or not terribly noticeable. Myself, I'm going... Read more

Virtual Questions

Here's a question I received during my Virtual-PCB chat session back on March 8th.: From Jack: "Here's my default question (as a designer), what is your biggest headache from designers?" My answer: "Probably the most common difficulty has to do... Read more

The Most Important Thing

Actually, there are other things that may very well be more important. Oxygen and food certainly are. Roads are pretty important as well. Life would be difficult without them. But, for a job, a career, an Industry, I can't think... Read more

Outsourced Out of a Future?

Alert! - Self-serving Content Ahead: I suppose I'm supposed to be self-serving now and then. I mean, I don't personally design and build things for a living. I do that for fun and dim hopes of robot world domination. These... Read more

Hello... Any Good Part Shipping Ideas?

Ever have one of those situations where there really aren't any good answers? There may be right answers, but not necessarily any that fit real well to the specific situation or are all that convenient. The question at hand relates... Read more

Et Tu Embedded Passives

I don't know if or when embedded passives will become the "next big thing" in PCB design, but they are on the way. We, at Screaming Circuits, have been asked about the use of embedded passives a few times. The... Read more

I'm a capitalist and I'm okay...

I'm a capitalist and I'm okay I work all night and I sleep all day Well, I don't work all night so much anymore. I used to. I am a capitalist though. I think money is good (what some people... Read more

Need a Reference for the Reference

Not long ago, I wrote a short post about non-standard use of reference designators. After doing that, I've been looking at some of my own microcontroller and motor driver boards with an eye for how close to standards I am.... Read more

Electronics Shelf Life

Do parts and PCBs have a shelf life? Well, yes and no. I have some 7400 series logic chips in DIP form that I bought back in 1980. Every now and then, I pull one out and put it into... Read more

Modularity and Standards

Eons ago, (well, it seems like eons) when IBM designed its original PC, it took note of the success of the Apple II with it's modular expansion system - easily accessible card slots with loads of clear documentation - and... Read more