Screaming Circuits: Events and activities

Sore Feet at ESC

I finally got a little time to walk part of the show. The only thing that caught my eye so far is the FreeScale air hockey robot. Supposedly, no one has managed to get a puck in past the robot. They didn't say if the robot has managed any goals thought. That would be a lot more impressive.

Pretty cool, none the less.

Duane Benson

ESC Rolling, Rolling

We're up and running here at ESC in San Jose. I haven't had a chance to walk the floor yet to see if there's anything interesting. We've been too busy. If you're around, stop in and say "hi". We'll give you a show discount code and a cool pen.

ESC 0409 004 (Medium) 

Duane Benson

ESC SV in Four Days

Esc_logo09_sm Hi all, (especially those on the West Coast). Just a reminder, we'll be at ESC next week. Stop by our booth to hear about our new service offering and get a show special discount code. It's at the McEnery convention center in San Jose.

And, while you're there, also have a chat with our partners from Sunstone Circuits. They'll be in our booth demonstrating the newest version of PCB123 schematic and layout CAD with libraries from NXP.

We are in booth 235. It's not the best location, but it's just behind the ESC Theater so at least it should be easy to find.

The show hours are:

  • Tuesday: Noon – 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30am to 7:00pm
  • Thursday: 11:30am to 4:00pm

Here's a floor map showing where we are:

Floor map ESC SV09

Embedded Systems Conference details

I've got a few more details on the show - and a discount code. Enter SATI2 when you register to recieve 50% off of your ticket price. The exhibit hall-only pass is still free. Check details and register at the ESC site.

Find us in booth 235. Check out the show floor map here. We're toward the back, right behind the ESC Theatre. When you enter the hall, turn left and go past Microchip and Atmel, then turn right. You'll find us on the left, just past the theater.

ESC SV 09Ask us about our new service offering that will help embedded entraprenuers get to market faster and easier.

Drop in and see us and our friends from Sunstone Circuits. It's March 31 - April 2 at the McHenery Convention Center in beautiful downtown San Jose.

Duane Benson
San Jose - I'ver heard the "fun" never stops.

ESC Here We Come

ESC med logo Soon. Very soon, we'll be down in San Jose again for the Embedded Systems Conference. We'll be in booth number 235 - a 10x20 over on the left side.

We'll be announcing an excitng new service at the show too!

Drop in and see us and our friends from Sunstone Circuits. It's March 31 - April 2 at the McHenery Convention Center in beautiful downtown San Jose.

Duane Benson
Do you know the way to San Jose?
Turn left at the second light. You can't miss it.

Easy ZigBee

I did run over to the Microchip booth. I've always been a PIC guy myself for my own little projects. Wireless has always been a lot tougher than any other form of communication (insert "duh" here) but this thing from Microchip may help quite a bit.

They've packaged up a ZigBee radio antenna (MRF24J40MA) and everything onto a little transceiver module. It easily talks to most of their PIC processors via a four wire SPI interface. I think even I could use that. And, I could buy it from DigiKey for $9.95. Very nice.

ESC 1008 Microchip (Small)

The demo shown here is a little tic-tac-toe game run wirelessly between two micro controllers.

Duane Benson
Blogging at the show is good because I get to sit down and rest my feet

Giant Blue People at the ESC Show

I haven't had a lot of time to walk the show floor yet so I don't know what's really new and exciting, or if there is, in fact, anything new and exciting. But, I did see a giant dancing blue person at one of the booths. The picture came out a little blurry from the dancing, or maybe I was just blurry from red-eye flights and lack of sleep.

ESC 1008 (Small) 

I'm going to have to run over to the other guy's booth and see if they have a giant dancing person of their own or something and give them equal time.

Duane Benson
Dance atmelina, dance

Trade Show secrets

I've been to a lot of trade shows. Mostly as an exhibitor, but do remember the days when I went as an attendee only. That was almost a lifetime ago. I was at the West Coast Computer Faire when the original Mac was introduced in 1984. I used to go to that show a lot. I saw Robin Williams there once too. Was anybody else there back then? Fun times.

Somewhere in the late 80's though, I started going as an exhibitor almost exclusively. It's pretty amazing to see the mess of the day prior and watch it change from piles and aisles of junk into a clean and professional looking event.

ESC1008-2 asle ways (small)

This is what it looks like today. This is the secret world of tradeshows that most people don't get to see. Tomorrow, it won't even be the same place. It will be full of people and devoid of trash and boxes.

Duane Benson
Fly and be free!

ESC - Waiting as usual

It's setup day for ESC Boston and that means waiting. Some of our boxes are here, but the booth it's self isn't. It always seems to end up this way. If a box or crate is missing, it's the booth. If they'd do it the other way around and have the booth show up on time and the boxes of junk show up late, we could set up and not worry about anything else.

ESC1008-1 empty.jpb

As it is, here we are, after a red-eye from Portland, waiting again. That's Matt sitting in the booth trying to stay awake. I sort of got about two hours of sleep myself. They played the movie "Get Smart" on the flight from Portland to Newark. I didn't watch it. I love the movie, but I wanted to sleep. It kept me up a bit anyway though because every so often, someone near me would break out laughing and wake me up.

Duane Benson
Bulletins as events warrant

Pilgrimage to the Embedded Systems Conference

Esc_boston_08 We're going to the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston and we'll be in Booth #517Esc0407_2 on October 28th-29th. Come see us. It'll be fun. You can enter our fun contest and maybe win a cool LED Screaming Circuits flashlight and be entered to win a $2,000 coupon towards your next order!

If you stop by, we'll give you a show discount code for use on your next order too.

And here is a free ESC exhibits guest pass!