Screaming Circuits: Events and activities


10 Years of Screaming at Circuits

ladies and gentlemen and engineers of all ages... Screaming Circuits, A Milwaukee Electronics company, is celebrating ten years of specializing in speedy prototype assembly.In honor of your great support, we're having a party! Come and see where it all happens.... Read more

Intergalactic Geek Pride Day Quiz

There was a time when "Geek" was far from a badge of honor. Jr. High School (AKA middle school) was developed specifically for the purpose of making geeks miserable. We were told that lockers were designed for holding books, lunches... Read more

The Value of Open Source

There were a number of interesting sessions and debates last week at the DesignWest show. One of the more passion filled, was on the value of Open Source hardware. Some people think it will save the world,if only everyone will... Read more

DesignWest; San Jose April 23 - 25

Will you be there? We will. If you're in San Jose April 23, 24 or 25, stop by the McEnery Convention center, in San Jose, California. We're in booth 838 and would love to see you and say hi. We'll... Read more

Reliable Assembly

For those of you at my PCB West session on the 27th, thanks for attending. Here's the final presentation as delivered: Download PCBwest2012 DuaneBenson ReliableManf Duane Benson Read more


I wandered over to the Ti booth here at the Embedded Systems conference to check out the Beaglebone and the MSP430 Launchpad. We haven't built any Beaglebones yet, but a few years back we took the Open source Beagleboard files... Read more

ESC / Design West 2012

It's day one here at the show. It's still mostly called ESC but they've included a number of other shows under the name Design West. I haven't had a lot of time to run around yet, but I have run... Read more

Showing Off at ESC 2012

Yes, we show off sometimes. We show off and get self congratulatory and self promotional. 'Cause that's what tradeshows are all about. Well, they're about that, but they're also about meeting and listening to people and other good things. In... Read more

Happy binary Veteran’s Day - 11/11/11

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ESC Robot Attendees

We've been hanging out in Boston at the ESC show. Yesterday was a busy day with lot's to look at and lot's of folks at our booth. Some human, some not. The Freescale people, just a few booths down, brought... Read more