Screaming Circuits: Company and Partners


Eagle CAD and Sunstone

Our pcb fab partners up the road just released a set of design rule files (.DRU) files for use with the Eagle schematic and PCB layout editor. The design rules set allows Eagle users to consider Sunstone's manufacturing rules early... Read more


We like to give tours here at Screaming Circuits. Unfortunately, we can't give too many tours because then we'd be spending all our time showing the place instead of building boards. Also, most of you don't live here so you... Read more

Good PCB CAD Software

Here's a scenario we run across reasonably frequently. It happens to a lot of different types of folks. First, there's the small company engineer. He or she has to design a board and get it out the door with pretty... Read more

On Time Delivery at Screaming Circuits

While most of the posts in this blog are more related to pcb design, assembly and the environment engineers live in, I wanted to mention something about the culture we have here at Screaming Circuits. We just finished August, traditionally... Read more

There is only one...

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Comments From Customers

A good Saturday morning can be used for sleeping in or it can be used for reflecting on the past week. Maybe both. I'll sort of take both. I did sleep in a bit and I'm going to spend some... Read more

The Rest of the Story

Screaming Circuits assembles prototypes and some small volume production pc boards. We put electronic components on printed circuits boards and [Danger Will Robinson: ego alert] we think we are one of the best in the Industry. If you combine our... Read more


Warning! This may be a pretty much blatantly commercial post. Well, there is something free you can get without obligation, and I suppose that ultimately, no matter what we put up here, there is somewhat of a commercial purpose. I... Read more

ISO 9000

Until recently, Screaming Circuits had been piggybacking on the ISO certification of parent company MEC Northwest. Now, we are certified on our own as Screaming Circuits. This is just one of a number of initiatives we have underway to improve... Read more

Kind words

Screaming Circuits has a sponsorship program for college, University or non-profit organizations that are pushing the limits of robotics, embedded control, communications or other leading edge technologies. One of the groups we've helped out a bit is the Cornell Formula... Read more