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Three Years And Posting!

Hey - I just realized that today is the three-year anniversary of the Screaming Circuits blog. Cool. This is post number 311, so that's just over 100 yer year. Three years really isn't that long in the grand scheme of... Read more

August Special

Let us make your job easier. You need PCBs anyway, so have us get them for you from our partner For any orders placed during the month of August, 2009, all you have to do is ask and we... Read more

RoHS temps may still kill RoHS parts

I've written about a few cases where alleged RoHS compliant components don't always hold up in the face of RoHS reality. Our friends over at ECD have been studying the problem and coming up with solutions to best eliminate the... Read more

PCB123 ZigBee Robots, Part Four

This is the third or fourth in this series. I paused for a while and just picked it back up again. As I eat my soup and write this, it occurs to me that I've given each post a different... Read more

Financial Fear and Uncertanty

I'm really old. I remember Black Monday back in 1987 when we all thought the business world was coming to an end. I was working for a company called Metheus at the time, making high resolution graphics systems. I remember... Read more

Shutdown on October 3rd

Hi all; Our factory floor will be shutdown this Friday, October 3rd to get ready to add in a new set of assembly machines. We will be back to work over the weekend so the disruption should be minimal. Please... Read more

New Machines

We've just added an exciting new piece of equipment. All of the attention these days goes to surface mount and tiny, tiny parts. We do a whole lot of those but we all still deal with a lot of through-hole... Read more

Five Years and Counting

Time flies when you are having fun and we almost missed our five year anniversary. Our website went live fine years ago this week! It's been a wild ride since then - fast growth, new technologies, a new building, more... Read more

Spock Help Me Find A Product Manager

Well, it wasn't actually Spock. It was Leonard Nimoy and the TV show "In Search of..." sought out things much more interesting then new employees. Well, unless you happen to be a good product manager and are looking for a... Read more

Thank you!

We do our best to fill this blog with helpful information and minimize the glurgy stuff, but sometimes, we do talk about ourselves. We've been a little lean on posts lately anyway so I suppose a little self-serving filler is... Read more