Screaming Circuits: Announcements

August Special

SunStone_logo_saturated 120  Let us make your job easier. You need PCBs anyway, so have us get them for you from our partner For any orders placed during the month of August, 2009, all you have to do is ask and we will get the boards from Sunstone for you and we'll just pass the normal Sunstone price along - there won't be any markup or service charge for providing this service.

This offer only applies to boards from Sunstone. PCBs from other board houses and parts will still have our normal turn-key service charges applied. Your order must be place via the website prior to midnight on August 31, 2009 or via phone prior to 5:00pm PST on August 31 and the boards must be purchased for an assembly order with us.

Q&A for this special:

Q: What if I normally use another board house?
A: Give Sunstone a try. They do great work and have great service.

Q: What if I just want to submit a kitted order but still want this special?
A: Just tell us that you want us to get your boards from Sunstone too. Put it in the special instructions on the web order or tell us if you're placing a phone order.

Q: What if I still want to use a different PCB supplier?
A: That's still okay with us. You just won't get the special.

Q: What if I already bought my boards from Sunstone?
A: I'm sorry that we can't give you any discounts on that order. You'll still get great service from both companies. Just stay tuned for our next special or maybe you'll need more during August.

Q: What if I'm looking for some kind of board for my house and not for electronics?
A: Home Depot carries a wide variety of boards of the non-printed-circuit variety. You might try there.

Q: I just placed an order today and I know you guys haven't started work on it. Can I get this special on that order?
A: As long as we haven't started work on it and you can accept that we'll probably have to add in some time to get the boards, then yes. Just give us a call and make sure we haven't started, tell us you want the special and accept the extra time. Cool!

Duane Benson

Holiday Schedule

Fireworks We'll be shut down for the Independence Day holiday this Friday, the 3rd, Saturday, the 4th and Sunday, the 5th. These days won't be counted toward turn-times.

Enjoy the holiday!

June Special

Hi all;

It's time for our June special. Save up to $200.00 off your turn-key parts order. Send us a turn-key or partial turn-key order and we'll pay for the first $200.00 of your parts and or pcbs, up to a maximum of $200.00.

Try our turn-key service out and see how convenient it is for us to take care of that service too! And, yes, you can use this special on more than one order. You can use it on all of your turn-key and partial turn-key orders, as long as the order is placed before the end of this June.

How to get the special: If you place a turn-key order online, simply write "June Special" in the special instructions box. When we quote parts and boards, we'll apply the discount. If you call the order in, tell the sales rep that you want the June special.

Offer Expires the last day of June, 2009. Order must be placed with us by 11:59 pm, June 30, 2009. Good for up to $200 off of parts (includes parts and pcbs we order) on turn-key and partial turn-key orders.

Hey - We Won Again

I know. I know. There's been a lot of self-serviing glurge here lately, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

We're here at ESC, but we made a quick stop in Las Vegas to stop by and pick up our 2009 Service Excellence Award for Manufacturing Quality - thats two years running! It's cool because it means we're making customers happy. They select the winners based on a customer survey they do. Our parent company, MEC Companies won too!

Hi Ed.

Short-Run Production

Short-run banner top 

Announcing our NEW Screaming Circuits Short-Run Production!

  1. Quick and easy production electronic assembly
  2. From one to thousands
  3. No NRE. No contracts. No commitments
  4. Easy file and kit requirements

Is Screaming Circuits Short-run production for you?

Check it out here

Back to Normal

Bgachip The snow is gone and it's 45 degrees and raining this morning. In other words, back to Oregon normal. We'll get the weather caused backlog out as soon as we can and just be rolling as usual.

And so it goes

Our office is open today (Tuesday, the 23rd), but we're still experienceing weather cause delays. Some of the shippers say they are getting in and out but we won't know for sure until they get here.

According to the weather folks, this is a 40-year record snow fall for Portland and the third most ever recorded for Portland. Brrr.

Closed By the Snow

Okay, this is getting pretty old, but we are closed by the snow today. In know you folks back in Chicago or Boston or wherever can deal with a lot more than we can out here in Oregon, but at least it's not just an inch any more. We have six to ten inches of snow, then a half inch or more layer of freezing rain-ice and now another four inches and growing of snow on top of that.

Late December snow storm SC sign 500 

We'd all much rather be in working those SMT machines, but it's just not safe to be out on the roads here right now. We're sorry for the inconvenience and of course, company policy dictates that I remind you that company policy says that a weather closure like this overrides our normal delivery guarantee.

I'd go build a snow man but it's too cold and I can't find my snow gloves.

Duane Benson

Weather Slowdown

It's getting better. The Canby schools are open today and so are we. Hopefully, we'll be able to get everything out on time. However, the Weather Service still has a winter storm warning for the Portland area in effect though.

We'll do our best to get everything out on schedule. But unfortunately because of the predicted winter weather, we still can not guarantee shipments right now. Weather related delays do not count toward your turn times.

I'll keep you posted.

Weather Shutdown

Please note that due to inclement weather, Screaming Circuits is shutting down today.

The snow and ice are causing deliver and shipment problems now. We have declared today (12/17) and tomorrow (12/18) to be snow-closure days. Unfortunately because of the weather, we can not guarantee shipments right now. Weather related delays do not count toward your turn times.

I'll keep you posted.