Screaming Circuits: Canada's Singing Astronaut


Canada's Singing Astronaut

If you're going to exit, you may as well exit in style and I can't think of a better example than Commander Chris Hadfield's "good by" from the International Space Station on Monday (May 13). Thank you, Astronaut Hadfield.

Since this is my  electronics blog, I've got to tie it into electronics design and assembly, so, like um... If you're building electronics for space, you might need to better insulate your PCB traces or put wider gaps in because otherwise you might get arcs and stuff. And be sure to shave your tin whiskers.

Duane Benson
Please sir. May I have some more


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This video by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield could inspire an entire new generation of kids to expand their minds scientifically (no help from any d's). This Canuck shows you can be intelligent and extremely cool at the same time! He is one of the coolest!

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