Screaming Circuits: Texas Instruments plus National Semiconductor


Texas Instruments plus National Semiconductor

Everyone else seems to be weighing in on the Ti + NS acquisition so I thought I'd better do the same.

Depending on whom you speak with, the ramifications could be quite large or not terribly noticeable. 7400 TH Myself, I'm going for pretty much not noticeable. First, we've never met a National Semiconductor part that we didn't like. Second, we've never met a Texas Instruments part that we didn't like. I'm guessing that we'll never meet a Texas National Semiconductor Instruments part that we don't like either.

I feel better about the fact that it's one old-guard company buying up another old-guard then if it were a new upstart doing so. That makes this look to be more of a "Boeing buying McDonnell Douglas" than an "AOL buying Time Warner."

Duane Benson
I have met a blog post that I didn't like


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