Screaming Circuits: Possible Weather Cause Delays

Possible Weather Cause Delays


The snow is accumulating in the Portland area and we have declared today (2/24/11) to be a snow-affected day. We're expecting delivery and shipment problems and many employees are experiencing difficulty getting in to the shop. We will still do our best to ship your jobs, but unfortunately because of the weather, we can not guarantee shipment turn-times right now. Weather related delays do not count toward your turn times.

I'll keep you posted.

NOTE: For those of you that live in blizzard-ville and can't see what the problem is with such a tiny, by your standards, amount of snow; we don't have the equipment around here. Yes, it's nuts that this little bit should bother us, but nothing ever happens out here so the cities, counties and states really don't have the facilities to make it all better right away.



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