Screaming Circuits: How Many Spins?


How Many Spins?

The other day I wrote about my failure to follow my own advice. Obviously, advice is only for someone else. Just like the best standards are double. Right?

Hmmm. It got me to thinking about board spins. Years ago, I remember products produced by the company I worked for often coming out with double-digits worth of mod wires in production PC boards. I think with the ability to turn PCBs in a day or a few, that rarely happens anymore. But what about in the prototype stage?

Here at Screaming Circuits, surprisingly few repeats show up other than from people using us for small-lot production. We do see a lot of layout issues here, but likely we see a lot because we see a lot times a big multiplier of different designs here.

For my little dohickeys, I seem to need about one board spin due to design or layout problems for each five designs. Of course, mine are pretty simple. Most of my boards spins are due to me coming up with better ideas after using the thing for a while.

If my supposition is true that mods are required less often now, is it because designers are better now, tools are better now or components are better now? How many times do you typically re-spin a PCB due to design or layout problems?

Duane Benson


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Yeah, i agree with charles. Actually, I have tried that using PCB, and i found out that it is much easier to use and cheaper in prize.

I just finished a complicated design with 10 layers. Only one thing needed to be jumpered. I'm pretending like it's skill, but luck had a lot to do with it.

I find spins are partly driven by changing requirements, and the fact that PCBs are cheaper makes that possible.

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