Screaming Circuits: Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It's off to Scone I go


Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It's off to Scone I go

I found this video over on the adafruit blog. Asimo, by Honda, is cool. Mars rovers, by JPL, are cool. Packbots, by iRobot, are cool. But, for robots to really take off, they need to be able to run down to McDonald's and buy some Big Macs or saunter on down to the Latte shop and pick me up a 16 oz non-fat Latte while I stay at my desk and keep working. Maybe hop out of the car and get one while I drive around because I can't find a parking spot. Donuts would be good too.

Now, that is a real robot. The only problem with the bot in this picture is that it needs a place to put the drink. Scones can be pretty good, but they tend to be kind of dry for my tastes without a drink to go with them.

Duane Benson
Watson - come here! Find Juan Valdez and ask him where I can get some coffee.


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