Screaming Circuits: November 2010


Electronics Shelf Life

Do parts and PCBs have a shelf life? Well, yes and no. I have some 7400 series logic chips in DIP form that I bought back in 1980. Every now and then, I pull one out and put it into... Read more

Thanksgiving Holiday Closure

Screaming Circuits will be closed on November 25th and 26th, 2010. This means that those days won't be counted toward your turn times. For example, if you have asked for a 48 hour turn time and we receive your kit... Read more

PCB Planarity, Not Polarity

Via-in-pad can ruin a manufacturer's whole day. Or, if properly done, can go completely unnoticed. There are a number of ways to properly put a via in a pad but the best is to have it filled and plated o... Read more


I wrote recently about segmenting your solder paste stencils for the big open areas on your QFNs. The idea is that if the entire area is left open, it may end up with too much solder in the heat slug... Read more

Missed it by That Much...

Running a DRC (design rule check) before sending your PCB out for fab and assembly is a must. It's also a minimum. Not everything is caught by all DRCs. For example, if you look at these PCB images, you'll undoubtedly... Read more

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