Screaming Circuits: Mismasked PCB


Mismasked PCB

Stencil w mask Personally, I think this PCB and stencil is prettier with the green showing through. It breaks up all of the boring silver color. It adds some life in.

...unless you are a chip wanting to be soldered down. If that's the case, then it doesn't look so attractive.

Whomever really, truly and universally solves the library problem should get a Nobel prize or a Pulitzer. Maybe a free latte. Something tells me the problem won't be solved in my lifetime though.

It really shouldn't be that difficult. How many different package form-factors are there? Yes, a lot, but a manageble lot. The problem comes in when you have to match those footprints to the millions of schematic symbols. Maybe there could be a way to decouple the specific footprint from the schematic symbol.

The schematic could have its pins defined to an abstraction layer and then that abstraction layer could be automatically connected by the layout CAD software pin to pin on the specific footprint selected. Maybe. We can dream, can't we?

Duane Benson
I'm happy I live in a split-level head


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you can use PCB maker software that completely automated, it can be connected between pins with a very easy and automatic

There should, at the very least, be a universal and simple way to take the the gerbers and do a DFM on them:


Sounds like a useful but non-moneymaking opportunity :-)

Martin - I'm talking about something that connects the abstraction at circuit design time. Most, if not all, CAD packages will allow it at symbol design time, if that's what you mean.

If yours does connect the abstraction at circuit design time, what package is it?

Is this not already reality? The PCB tool I use abstract s symbols from footprints - the symbols have *names* on the pins. And then a separate layer maps those names to pin numbers on the footprint.
I can even have the same symbol call on different footprints in the same design! Or did I miss your point?

You are completely right. I think there are possibilities to create an modern design tool from ground up.
Unfortunately did not find somebody paying me doing this yet ;)

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