Screaming Circuits: The Heartbreak Of Units Mis-match


The Heartbreak Of Units Mis-match

A little extra checking may take a little extra time, but it can save a lot in the end. This sort of thing just bums me out. I've done it and similar things a few times myself. I've used a library for a connector with the same footprint, but smaller diameter pins than my chosen connector. That was a bummer too.

Connector Metric vs SAE

My best guess is that it's a .1 inch (2.54mm) spaced footprint on the PCB and a 2.5mm pitch part. It almost works. You might not even notice if it were a three or four pin part. At six, you'd certainly notice and at something from there on, the part simply will not fit.

In a prototype world, you may be able to get away with bending the pins a bit and forcing them a little way in, but maybe not. In a production electronics manufacturing environment, most certainly not.

Duane Benson
In the world according to Google, it's only 72,000 beard-seconds off.


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That reminds me of the similar problem I encountered some 25 years ago. We had a design based around Intel 8085 family of chips and we got some Russian clones (40-pin DIL package). I tried to insert the chip into the socket but it did not fit! The reason - Russian chips had 2.50mm pitch !!!

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