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Screaming Circuits New Service

Screaming Circuits has added new capabilities to its website. You can now order not only speedy PCB assembly, but also order raw PCBs (made by Sunstone Circuits) at the same time.

With fab screen cap

On Tuesday January 26, 2010 (that's today, if you are reading this today), starting @ 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Screaming Circuits added PC board quoting and ordering to the assembly quote and order process.

Now, you can quote your assembly cost, quote the cost of boards from and order both at the same time!

Simply start your assembly quote and check the "ADD PCB FABRICATION" box under the quote questions. Our website will walk you through the process of quoting and ordering your PCBs. Sunstone will deliver them to us. We'll build everything up and ship you fully assembled boards ready for test, sale, or whatever you need to do with them.

If you have any questions please just call 1-866-784-5887 or email us:

Duane Benson
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