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A Little Something Extra

Most of what we do here at Screaming Circuits is PCB assembly. We build prototypes and short run production - putting parts on boards. We actually do more then that though. Our parent company, Milwaukee Electronics, has been around for about 60 years building volume production and providing custom engineering design services.

WhenMR early layout 150 we started Screaming Circuits, in 2003, we decided to just focus on the prototype assembly - putting parts on boards. That's been a pretty good deal and we're happy with it. What's been happening lately though is that we've been getting more and more requests for higher assembly volumes and for engineering design services. We put together our ShortRun production offering last year to answer the first request. For the second, we've been gradually connecting our engineers with folks that request such services.

Check out our Design Engineering Group.

Duane Benson
"I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells" (Dr Seuss)


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