Screaming Circuits: Tradeshow Bowling


Tradeshow Bowling

Last week, I went to the SMTA show to give a talk on ways to get more out of your resources in tough times. The talk went well, but I walked the show floor and was really surprised at how slow the floor traffic was. Mike Buetow from Circuits Assembly seems to have made the same observation.

The ESC show last month was a little slow too, but nothing like this. I'm wondering if it really just is, as Mike suggested, too many shows on the same subject. ESC speaks more directly to engineers, so it is a bit of a different audience. Regardless, I certainly hope things pick up soon for some of these shows. Or maybe some consolidation would be a good thing. I've been in the set of exhibitors during slow shows and it hurts. If it keeps hurting, they won't come back.

Duane Benson
Can you take down a 7/10 split?


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