Screaming Circuits: October 2009


Black Pad, One More Time

The thing that wouldn't leave... Sometimes black pad seems like that. It should be pretty well understood by now, but it still pops up (or should I say "pops off") now and then. I just got a call from an... Read more

Unequal Pad Sizes, Take 2

I wrote a post not long ago about via-in-pad and unequal pad sizes as a cause of tombstoning and I received a question from Aaron about unequal pad sizes: "In my designs, I have ground pours that directly connect to... Read more

QFP/SOIC/SSOP Mechanical Security

I've written a lot about QFN footprint issues, but the venerable old leaded SMT configuration is still around. It gets its share of disrespect and questionable footprints too. When you give it a post-solder visual inspection, mostly what you see... Read more

SMTA Conference

Hey there - Next week, if you happen to be down in San Diego, I'll be talking at the SMTA conference. I speak on October 7, at 3:30. I'm in session EMS2, in Royal Palms 1-2. My talk is called... Read more

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