Screaming Circuits: Hmmm. Black Pad Does Happen On Other Parts Too.


Hmmm. Black Pad Does Happen On Other Parts Too.

Well, lookie here. Just the other day, I wrote about black pad happening on gull-wing partsQFP fillet bp. I also wrote a while back about the footprint on gull-wing parts - the fillet under the part is even more important to mechanical strength then is the visible fillet on the outside of the part. This morning, I was browsing back through some of my old parts images and I accidentally gave this one a good bump. And with a spot of ironic annoyance, a couple of the leads popped loose due to what appears to be black-pad.

I thought I was being careful with my nickle when I made this illustration earlier this month, but I must have let some contamination through. Maybe I was eating cookies at my desk between the nickle step and the gold step. How rude.

Duane Benson
If they were chocolate chip, then it was worth it


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