Screaming Circuits: H1N1 in Microcode


H1N1 in Microcode

Booth 909 003

It's opening day here at the Embedded Systems Conference, Boston, 2009. For those of you that stop by our booth, we have a number of things to offer:

You can learn about our pcb assembly services, you can enter to win up to $2000.00 in assembly labor with us and you can spread the swine flu if you've got it. Well, hopefully not that last one. We're keeping our handy-dandy bottle of hand sanitizer close by. It's 62% ethyl alcohol and maybe 38% generic goo and bubbles. I'm hoping that will do the trick. We smeared it all over our ethernet cables to keep the viruses out of our computers and beagleboards. My laptop is using wireless, so I should probably sploit a bunch on it too.

We'll be giving away the assembly labor to one person that registers each day. (two total prizes and we'll notify the winners after the show).

Duane Benson
Stop by and say hi. Or walk by and start to cry.



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