Screaming Circuits: Wide Load - Skinny Room


Wide Load - Skinny Room

Here's another example of parts that looked like they would fit based on the outline in the CAD program. Cut tabs angle 2 Parts don't fit angle 2 The silk screen outline printed on the board showed a cozy fit, but a fit none the less. However, in the real world, the connectors have those tabs sticking out each side and they wouldn't fit that close side by side. The solution was pretty simple, but as the broken record says, you wouldn't want to do this in a production environment. We can just figure out how to make a lot of stuff work for your protos, but this board will have to have some layout changes before going in to production.

This reminds me a lot of those little garages found in "starter homes" these days. Yes, the architects and builders can say that the house comes with a full-size garage. They just don't tell you that it's only full-size in the sense that it could fit a full-size Yugo or MG Midget in it, and then only if you don't put so much as a broom in the place for storage. Or more so, it's like the "bigger" starter homes with two car garages. Just make sure to remove your side-view mirrors as we did with these parts here because there isn't room for both cars with anything sticking out the sides. And your cars need to be hatch backs so you can actually get out of the car.

Duane Benson
Clip, clip. Snip snip, Oh what a fine fit it is.


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