Screaming Circuits: Solder Fumes - Ugh


Solder Fumes - Ugh

How funny (ironic?) is it that just about every time us human-types try to solve a problem, we create another. Artificial sweeteners are allegedly better for your teeth and waist, but they may do other things and may, in fact, promote over eating. Alcohol as a motor fuel may reduce dependence on long-deceased dinosaurs, but doubles the price of staple food in undeveloped parts of the world.

The debate along those lines for RoHS may never end, but here's another one I hadn't heard of before. The folks over at Weller (the soldering iron people) did a study about the effects of higher temperatures on fumes. According to their info, the added heat does bad things to the flux, resulting in a lot more bad junk getting into the air near a hand-soldering station.

I say bring on RoHS II.

Duane Benson
Crud. One more thing to worry about...


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