Screaming Circuits: RoHS, REACH Updates and PCB finishes... Too much...


RoHS, REACH Updates and PCB finishes... Too much...

I've been doing a lot of reading lately on the continued efforts to ban all metals and all materials that actually contribute to society from electronic devices. This affects pcb finishes, solder, flux, board substrates, interconnects and components, obviously, but it also affects inventory, purchasing, disposal, handling, gophers, packaging, recycling, importing, exporting, merchandising... BBP, DBP, HBCDD, Bisphenol A, B, C and D, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium (of the hexavalent variety), Tin, Copper, Gold, Silver, Oxygen... RoHS, China RoHS, California SB 20, REACH, IPC 1752, WEEE...

I can't keep it straight. But, fortunately, I think I finally have found someone to help figure out exactly which materials are likely to be banned in the near future. Get rid of everything in his list and we should all be just fine.

Here's a guide set to music of everything we should be prepared to do business without:

Of course, as confusing as it all is, the intent is good and as long as we can keep it reasonable and not add in even more harmful unintended consequences, some of these regulations are a good thing. Read a bit from Dr Lasky over at Indium on that subject.

Duane Benson
So long mom, I'm off to drop the bomb...


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