Screaming Circuits: Happy - zap - Birthday - zap - Nikola - zap - Tesla


Happy - zap - Birthday - zap - Nikola - zap - Tesla

N_Tesla I don't normally celebrate the birthdays of people that I haven't personally met, unless, of course, I get a day off work because of them, but I was over on the RF Cafe website this morning and they noted today as being Mr. Tesla's birthday back in 1865. On the other hand, the "never in err" Wikipedia lists Tesla's birthday as July 10. Hmmm. In any case, we should all know that without Tesla, electrons would only go in one direction, and that would be boring.

RF Cafe also notes (Ok, I'm paraphrasing to the (n-2)th degree) that if you transpose the last two digits in the year of Tesla's birth, you get the deathday of Count Amedeo Avogadro. Without Mr Avogadro, millions of chemistry students would have been denied the pleasure of relieving boredom during long lectures by attempting to calculate the depth that a mole of moles would cover the earth. (Quick - who has the answer to that calculation?)

Duane Benson
Approximately 2.62 feet???


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