Screaming Circuits: Sore Feet at ESC


Sore Feet at ESC

I finally got a little time to walk part of the show. The only thing that caught my eye so far is the FreeScale air hockey robot. Supposedly, no one has managed to get a puck in past the robot. They didn't say if the robot has managed any goals thought. That would be a lot more impressive.

Pretty cool, none the less.

Duane Benson


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Only gave up two goals all day. Very nice. (And when I crash, I need hours of sleep to get started again) :-)

It's a very fun demo!

Hi Duane,

We had two people come by our booth today who beat the robot.

Apparently there is a weakness towards the left side, and you have to shoot from around mid-ice.

Also apparently the robot (well, the program controlling the robot) either crashed or locked up, I guess they have to use a back-scratcher to jump start it again.

If I get time I'll stop by the booth...

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