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Trade Show secrets

I've been to a lot of trade shows. Mostly as an exhibitor, but do remember the days when I went as an attendee only. That was almost a lifetime ago. I was at the West Coast Computer Faire when the original Mac was introduced in 1984. I used to go to that show a lot. I saw Robin Williams there once too. Was anybody else there back then? Fun times.

Somewhere in the late 80's though, I started going as an exhibitor almost exclusively. It's pretty amazing to see the mess of the day prior and watch it change from piles and aisles of junk into a clean and professional looking event.

ESC1008-2 asle ways (small)

This is what it looks like today. This is the secret world of tradeshows that most people don't get to see. Tomorrow, it won't even be the same place. It will be full of people and devoid of trash and boxes.

Duane Benson
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Those were the days. I remember seeing both Kenny Loggins and The Temptaions in free concerts put on by COMDEX exhibitors one year.

hi Duane,
Thanks for the photo. I wish it didn't look so familiar to me. I miss the early days when I was an attendee instead of an exhibitor. Kind of like being a guest at a wedding instead of the groom. Just much more relaxing and fun. My first show was in 1987. Never saw Robin Williams but the hospitality suites were the best ever back then.
~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

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