Screaming Circuits: LGA Modules and Footprints


LGA Modules and Footprints

We see a lot of newer power components - DC to DC converters, boost and buck type things in modules these days. They're getting more and more common with the POL (point of load) practice trends these days. Modules are of course, pretty common in thru-hole configuration and have become more and more common in BGA configuration. We see a lot of them.

LGA module Something fairly new though is an LGA module. They aren't too much trouble to deal with. In practice, it's not too different than a QFN. The thermal properties are of course unique to the module and we don't tend to see big center pads, but it's still very important to carefully consider the footprint.

In the case of this part, it would have been a lot better to make a custom parts library and match the pads exactly. There are a couple of opportunities for shorts and I'm not sure what the deal is with the two tiny pads on the bottom side of the picture.

Duane Benson
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