Screaming Circuits: Financial Fear and Uncertanty


Financial Fear and Uncertanty

I'm really old. I remember Black Monday back in 1987 when we all thought the business world was coming to an end. I was working for a company called Metheus at the time, making high resolution graphics systems. I remember when Microsoft lost half it's stock value in 2000 precipitating the dot-com crash. I was just a kid during the energy crisis back in the early seventies, but we all thought that was the end of the American economy. I remember that double-digit inflation back in the 70's and the double digit interest rates in the 80's.

It comes and it goes, you know. I've kind of lost track of the number of business "doom cycles" I've been through and the number of times "experts" have predicted the end of U.S. prosperity. Personally, I'm seeing this as a time to start putting more money into my 401K.

I do know though that when credit gets tough to get, a lot of companies tighten their belts. A lot of small companies retrench and bigger companies cut back. Unfortunately, for us mere working mortals, our work load never seems to lighten up. In fact, it frequently gets worse.

We here at Screaming Circuits are lucky in that we've been growing and expanding. This month we're adding a new surface mount line. We are very strong and we'll be here through this financial tumble to help if you need it. We hear rumors of pcb fab houses struggling and other ems shops struggling. I hate to hear that about any company or any industry, but I would like to reassure you that we're set to keep running at full speed. We're continuing to expand our capacity and improve our quality and service. We are here for you.

Duane Benson
When the going gets tough, the tough eat ice cream


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