Screaming Circuits: ESC - Waiting as usual


ESC - Waiting as usual

It's setup day for ESC Boston and that means waiting. Some of our boxes are here, but the booth it's self isn't. It always seems to end up this way. If a box or crate is missing, it's the booth. If they'd do it the other way around and have the booth show up on time and the boxes of junk show up late, we could set up and not worry about anything else.

ESC1008-1 empty.jpb

As it is, here we are, after a red-eye from Portland, waiting again. That's Matt sitting in the booth trying to stay awake. I sort of got about two hours of sleep myself. They played the movie "Get Smart" on the flight from Portland to Newark. I didn't watch it. I love the movie, but I wanted to sleep. It kept me up a bit anyway though because every so often, someone near me would break out laughing and wake me up.

Duane Benson
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