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Easy ZigBee

I did run over to the Microchip booth. I've always been a PIC guy myself for my own little projects. Wireless has always been a lot tougher than any other form of communication (insert "duh" here) but this thing from Microchip may help quite a bit.

They've packaged up a ZigBee radio antenna (MRF24J40MA) and everything onto a little transceiver module. It easily talks to most of their PIC processors via a four wire SPI interface. I think even I could use that. And, I could buy it from DigiKey for $9.95. Very nice.

ESC 1008 Microchip (Small)

The demo shown here is a little tic-tac-toe game run wirelessly between two micro controllers.

Duane Benson
Blogging at the show is good because I get to sit down and rest my feet


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Hi Dave;

It's one thing to see a cool demo, but I'm going to buy a pair of these myself to see how easy it really is. I'll hook them to PICs because that's what I'm used to, but I'd be curious to see if these could work well and make the job easier for ARM or other processors too.


Great, timely post - I'm just starting to dig into Zigbee (TI's Chipcon stuff) and it's giving me fits. I'm not a big fan of PICs (the processors, at least the little guys - PIC32 seems to be worth a look) but maybe their Zigbee solution is interesting.

I've gotta say, the TI software (Z-stack, they inherited it from Chipcon) is not impressive. Seems to work, but it's as clear as mud.

$9.95 for a SPI interface Zigbee radio. I'm paying that much now for my TI solution (incl. uC) but there's BOM cost, and there's dev cost!


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