Screaming Circuits: Shutdown on October 3rd


Shutdown on October 3rd

Hi all;

Our factory floor will be shutdown this Friday, October 3rd to get ready to add in a new set of assembly machines. We will be back to work over the weekend so the disruption should be minimal. Please be aware that this Friday will not be a shipping day and we will not have 24 hour turns available on Thursday the 2nd.

We hope this won't be too much of an inconvenience and hope you understand that this will lead to a bigger, better and more capable Screaming Circuits. We're adding in a complete new SMT assembly line. We've been adding in improvements all over Screaming Circuits lately. First, the new selective solder machine for thru-hole parts, new website features (quotes and orders available as PDFs for your convenience on your My Accounts page) and soon the new surface mount assembly line.

Duane Benson


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